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    Thumbs up Application signing problem

    Hello friends,

    I have written a bluetooth application. Its working fine on emulator as well as on real devices.

    I have given permissions for my application as follows:


    But when I signed it with Thwate Premier certificate,
    It is giving exception as :java.lang.SecurityException:
    Permission = javax.microedition.io.Connector.btgoep.client.

    I dont know what this mean and how to repair it.

    Can any one please help to solve this issue.
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    Re: Application signing problem

    Hello friends,

    Thank you for trying to reply me.

    I solved this problem. I just added a new permission to the application which it was saying that the permission is not set.

    I added the permission:

    Not its working fine.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Application signing problem

    Sorry i didn't answer you in both threads

    Did you figure it out yourself when comparing jad files permissions entry ?

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