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    Visual basic and Picture messaging


    I have a litle problem i hope some can help me with.
    I am doing a program to send out a Picture message, and ind that case i need to convert the binaery streng i get from my BMP-file to and HEX that i need, for sending out the picture message.

    But the bin-string i get is 2014 long, and when i try do to 2^2014 ind Visual Bacis, it comes with and overflow.

    Can someone please help me here.

    This is code i use:
    Function fncBinToHex(strBin As String) As String
    Dim intI As Variant
    Dim lngTemp As Variant
    lngTemp = 0
    For intI = 1 To Len(strBin)
    If Mid(strBin, intI, 1) = "1" Then lngTemp = lngTemp + 2 ^ (Len(strBin) - intI)
    Next intI
    fncBinToHex = Hex(lngTemp)
    End Function

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    RE: Visual basic and Picture messaging


    As the question is purely VB related, you should post is to some programming forum to get the fastest possible answer.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    why use variant? and why are you using 2 ^ len(strbin).. that's huge???

    Maybe i'm just lost on what your trying to do but to convert to hex from bin it should be done in 8 bit segments and not the whole string.

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