I know this isn't the section for this kind of question but I can't find a section that is. Can anybody tell me why my Car Handsfree doesn't work with my 6210. It was bought when I had a 51XX and works fine with a 61XX also. (All phones are European models). It's the kind that plugs into the car cig lighter and cradles the phone, has a speaker on the rear and an L.E.D. on the front(Power ON). It has the charger (male type) between pins 1 and 2. And there are only pins in 3, 5 and 9 (From left to right, battery towards you). I'm led to believe that the connectors on a 51XX/61XX are the same as 6210 which is 3&5 are EAR and MIC, and 9 is GND. Can anybody help?