Hi Everybody,
I'm a student.I'm attending new media engineering class at Turin
Polytechnic (aka Poli).
Right now I'm working on my master degree thesis.
I'm developing an application for S60 and I want to improve the appeal of my application using FlashLite.
So, now I have a Symbian Server and a flash UI.
The problem is, how they communicate?
My idea is to developing an interface based on Remote Procedure Call.
I also need that this interface will be almoust general purpose (in order to reuse this)
I think that the solution is using a text protocol like XML-RPC (by opening a xmlsocket)
Is it a good idea?
But my knowledge of ActionScript is not so good!
Have you got any example or any suggestion?
Another question. In ActionScript there is the possibility to pass a parameter to a funcion by reference?
Any Idea on how can I handle this feature?