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    FL 3 and xml-rpc

    Hi Everybody,
    I'm a student.I'm attending new media engineering class at Turin
    Polytechnic (aka Poli).
    Right now I'm working on my master degree thesis.
    I'm developing an application for S60 and I want to improve the appeal of my application using FlashLite.
    So, now I have a Symbian Server and a flash UI.
    The problem is, how they communicate?
    My idea is to developing an interface based on Remote Procedure Call.
    I also need that this interface will be almoust general purpose (in order to reuse this)
    I think that the solution is using a text protocol like XML-RPC (by opening a xmlsocket)
    Is it a good idea?
    But my knowledge of ActionScript is not so good!
    Have you got any example or any suggestion?
    Another question. In ActionScript there is the possibility to pass a parameter to a funcion by reference?
    Any Idea on how can I handle this feature?


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    Post Re: FL 3 and xml-rpc

    Take a look at this:


    It is possible ofcourse in the thread you will find links to examples as you requested but be aware of the bug that causes around 1000ms latency when using xml sockets FL3 has this bug FL2 does not.

    Hope I helped,

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