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    Bluetooth and GPRS together

    Hi Guys,
    I want to get some data on Nokia7650 using GPRS and then push the same data to another device using bluetooth.
    I suppose these two (GPRS and Bluetooth) can run at the same time.

    1. How do I access the data coming from GPRS?
    2. Could I just do: "read from GPRS socket and write to Bluetooth socket"?
    3. GPRS is always on. Does it mean that any data can be pushed to this device, if its listening on some port. Or should GPRS always PUSH first before receiving any messages?

    How should I go about it? Any suggestions?

    Vivek Chopra

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    RE: Bluetooth and GPRS together

    I found this in the Series 60 SDK v1.0 for Symbian OS. Maybe it helps:

    void CApDataHandler::ReadGprsDataL ( TUint32 aIspId,
    CApAccessPointItem & aApItem
    ) [protected]

    Reads the GPRS data from the database. In case of error, leaves with CommDb error codes.

    For further questions on GPRS, please place your question under Symbian discussion -> Networking/Connectivity.

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