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    Bluetooth and GPRS together

    Hi Guys,
    I want to get some data on Nokia7650 using GPRS and then push the same data to another device using bluetooth.
    I suppose these two (GPRS and Bluetooth) can run at the same time.

    1. How do I access the data coming from GPRS?
    2. Could I just do: "read from GPRS socket and write to Bluetooth socket"?
    3. GPRS is always on. Does it mean that any data can be pushed to this device, if its listening on some port. Or should GPRS always PUSH first before receiving any messages?

    How should I go about it? Any suggestions?

    Vivek Chopra

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    RE: Bluetooth and GPRS together

    Hello Vivek,

    It's a very interesting idea. And I think it's possible to do.

    But replying to your question :
    1. You should use sockets in your program. The name "GPRS" is only referring to the bearer, you shouldn't bother about it. Use RSocket, RSocketServ classes for data transmission.
    2. I think it's possible. All you need to do is reading the incoming data from GPRS connection and use that buffer for sending the data to a BT device. I know that GPRS communication is not possible when a GSM communication is going on, then the GPRS conn. gets suspended. But, Bluetooth is not GSM communication, so it seems possible to implement.
    3. When GPRS is always on, then it means you're always attached to the GPRS network. But it's a little bit different from having a GPRS connection. When there's a GPRS connection, a square is visible around the 'G' sign. So, as there's no GPRS connection, it doesn't mean that you automatically get incoming data. You need to listen on a specific port to do that : use RSocket::Listen and RSocket::Accept methods in order to make a connection between two endpoints. After having this, you may start exchanging data. Btw, even this does not mean that you automatically get incoming data : you have to read it, i.e. use RSocket::Read and corporation.

    You should really be familiar with socket communications as it's the recommended way to communicate both over GPRS and Bluetooth.



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    Re: Bluetooth and GPRS together

    Hi Vivek,
    I am actually working on a similar idea but using Series60. I am just at the beginning of it, so I would like to know if it is possible to emulate a GPRS connection on the Series60 emulator, and how you start a GPRS connection. It is clear I have to use Sockets and so on, but not how to start a GPRS connection!
    I hope somebody of can help me

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