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    How to detect qwerty keyboard

    Is there a way to detect if E90, E61 or bluetooth full keyboard is in use?


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    Re: How to detect qwerty keyboard

    Quote Originally Posted by bacademy View Post
    Is there a way to detect if E90, E61 or bluetooth full keyboard is in use?
    I have E61i and I believe that I get directly alphabet keypresses whenever I press a key. Never thought about it, but in some other message someone was wondering why I don't get numbers in my scripts...

    Btw does it really make a difference to your sw whether user has qwerty keyboard or not? In most cases it's only the text string, which matters.

    Cannot find anything in manual, which would help to identify the device. You could check e32.s60_version_info to identify S60 edition? At least that should help to identify 2.x vs 3.x devices.

    Also you could check sysinfo.display_pixels to identify E90 == currently only wide-screen device.

    Good luck,


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