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    Using the Camera to Take JPEG Exif photos

    I've been experimenting with taking the highest resolution photos I can with an N95. So I've been using the JPEG_Exif mode for the camera. I understand that what I get back is not an Image object, but raw Jpeg data. But what can I do with that? I haven't figured out how to blit it to the screen nor save it. Do I need to convert it using a graphics package method?

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    Re: Using the Camera to Take JPEG Exif photos

    So I found this works, but seems to be inefficient time-wise. I am also unconvinced that the saved jpegs are as high a quality as I would get from using the internal camera. I've done some visual comparisons using the same subject, and the N95 camera seems to do a better job as far as clarity goes.

    import appuifw
    import camera
    import graphics
    ## code to change orientation to landscape, use the select key
    ## to take photos, other minor things
    def take_picture():
        pic = camera.take_photo(mode = "JPEG_Exif", size = (2592, 1944))
        # now save the image	
            f = open("photo.jpg", "w")
            print "photo save error"
        # now display the image
            photo = graphics.Image.open("photo.jpg")
                w,h = c.size
                c.blit(photo, target=(0, 0, w, 0.75*w), scale=1)
                print "photo display error"
            print "photo read error"
    I know I haven't included the full code, but everything else is pretty standard when using the camera.

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