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    Question Java Applets on Mobile Phones???


    I am sorry for this question but I am not so firm in Java...

    I got a new Mobile phone (Nokia N95 8GB) and wanted to chat via the integrated internet-browser. But these chats are Java-applets. The Nokia does not show them at all. My Laptop needs the JavaRuntime (JRE I guess) to display these applets.
    How can I do this with my mobile, what do I have to install???

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Java Applets on Mobile Phones???

    Hi Maik,

    applets are written in Java SE, while Java mobile applications (midlets) are written using Java ME, an "adapted" and someway reduced version of Java, that is suitable for resource constrained devices such as mobile phones.

    So, you cannot directly install applets on your mobile phone, but you should "port" it, converting its code, where not compatible, to Java ME.


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