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    Unhappy (Help) Can not find RFComm channel number from server ...

    Please check my code bellow. I have a problem on discover service from server deployed on nokia 3230 (J2ME) by client run on PC using Widcomm SDK. I try to build an RFComm bluetooth client server application.

    Server (JSR82) :
    private static final UUID APP_UUID = new UUID("F0E0D0C0B0A000908070605040302010", false);
    private static final String URL = "btspp://localhost:"+APP_UUID+";name=My App;authorize=false";
    private static final String APP_ID = "My App";
    private static final int ATTR_ID = 0x1234;

    try {
    localDevice = LocalDevice.getLocalDevice();
    notifier = (StreamConnectionNotifier)Connector.open(URL);

    DataElement base = new DataElement(DataElement.STRING, APP_ID);
    record = localDevice.getRecord(notifier);
    record.setAttributeValue(ATTR_ID, base);

    connection = notifier.acceptAndOpen();
    catch(Exception e) {
    Client (Widcomm SDK) :
    StartDiscovery(m_BdAddr, m_pServiceGuid)

    CSdpDiscoveryRec Sdp_Record;

    if ( ReadDiscoveryRecords(m_BdAddr, 1, &Sdp_Record, m_pServiceGuid) )
    UINT8 scn;

    if ( Sdp_Record.FindRFCommScn(&scn) )
    //if(Sdp_Record.FindAttribute(0x1234, pVal))
    Any advice about this ???
    Thanks a lot for your attention...
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    Re: (Help) Can not find RFComm channel number from server ...

    Hi, I received your mail.
    Unfortunately I have no idea about the JavaME part.
    On the PC-side Sandeep's suggestion (http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ad.php?t=87906) immediately fixed the problem (when the PC was the server), so I am not aware of any other necessary modifications (PC as client already worked in its original form).
    Re-check your JavaME code, that ATTR_ID does not seem to be a standard one, though I really do not know the details.

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