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    SMS using Serie 60 platform in C++

    I'd like to know if the symbian APIs for SMS are supported by the serie 60 platform. If so, where can I find a sample and documentation.
    Thanks in advance

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    RE: SMS using Serie 60 platform in C++

    Yes, there are C++ APIs for SMS applications on Series60 phones.

    You can find lots of tools, SDKs, and general information for
    Series 60 development at
    "www.forum.nokia.com" --> "Series 60 Platform"

    Here, you can find the document
    "Designing C++ Applications for Series 60"

    More documentation can be found under
    "View all Series 60 documents >>"

    From the Series 60 page, go to "View other Series 60 downloads >>"
    Here, you can find helpful downloads like the "SendAs v1.0 Example Application for the Series 60 Platform"... which has example source code used for SMS and e-mail functionality.

    Good Luck and have fun!

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