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    CAknGlobalNote hangs phone without launching dialog

    //Belongs to some library called Core.lib which is statically linked
    EXPORT_C TInt UIUtils::ShowGlobalNoteL(const TDesC& aMessage)
        TBool buttonPressed = EFalse;
    #if !defined(__UIQ_3X__)
        TRequestStatus status;             
        CAknGlobalNote* dialog = CAknGlobalNote::NewLC();
        dialog->SetAnimation (R_QGN_NOTE_WARNING_ANIM);
        dialog->ShowNoteL(status, EAknGlobalWarningNote, aMessage);
        buttonPressed = (status.Int() == EAknSoftkeyOk);
        CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(dialog);         // pop dialog
        return buttonPressed;
        UIUtils::ShowGlobalNoteL(_L("dialog message"));

    //The client code hangs the phone without displaying dialog, what I observed is that its making my app to hang. The positive cases with this dialog.

    1. If I use this method making the member of this class, then works fine.
    2. If I use without User::WaitForRequest(status); making it a self closing after sometime, then also goes well watever the case whether it is statically linked library method orelse member method.

    1. Can anybody give me any solution why User::WaitForRequest() method makes my application to hang without launching the dialog.
    2. Anything I can do not to fix this approach to work.
    3. Do I need to sacrifice this approach and go to waiting dialog. But I am not sure that Waiting dialog can be displayed top of the applications even the luancher of that application goes to background.

    Kindly help me in this issue and send some example if possible.


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    Re: CAknGlobalNote hangs phone without launching dialog

    you could try this:

    CAknGlobalNote* dialog = CAknGlobalNote::NewLC();
    TInt NoteId = dialog->ShowNoteL(EAknGlobalInformationNote,aMessage);

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