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    Voice Recognition

    Hi All

    I am using J2ME.

    I want to record several words once in my voice using the cellular's microphone (for example: house, in, garden, the).

    after recording each word above individualy into a file / data base, i want to say a sentence containing those words - for example i want to say: "garden in the house".

    I want to record the sentence and break it into words (i will know where each word ends according to the quiet between each word) and than i want to adjust the word i seperated to those i recorded earlier.

    when a match will be found, the text of the word will be presented on the screen.

    does anyone know how to address this problem ??


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    Re: Voice Recognition

    Hi Asaf,

    to record audio in Java ME you should use MMAPI:


    Specifically, you should use the "capture://audio" locator.

    Then, to save the recorded data, you could use RMS:


    As an alternative, you could also use FileConnection API, where supported:


    About the audio part (splitting and recnognizing) there are not, afaik, ready Java ME libraries, so you should try to implement them by your own. You could also try to check for Standard Java libraries (if any) and then check for a possible porting.


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    Re: Voice Recognition

    thanx for the reply Pit

    What about the comparisson between audio files ??

    is there any SW that compares audio file to other audio files and determines which file has the best match ??



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