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    Unable to play RTP Payload(Actual Voice Data coming from remote client) in WAV format

    Hi all,

    I am working on a project MobileSIPClient. The aim of the project
    is to form a SIP Client which performs;

    - registration to a proxy server.
    - deregistration
    - adding a contact
    - deleting a contact
    - instant messaging
    - getting the presence information of the contacts
    - editing account settings
    - making a call. (Real-Time)

    I have already achieved first 7 steps. They work well. But I have some concerns about the last step - making a call in REAL-TIME.

    I am using SIP protocol for signalling. I am developing this project in J2ME by using Eclipse IDE and Sun Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2. In the step "Making a Call" especially in RTP step, I have achieved:
    - Opening Connection for Receiving
    - Receiving Packets
    - RTP Packet Extraction

    My Questions:

    - As far as I know, J2ME MMAPI has already PCM codec support. But this is for capturing audio and for playing the audio coming from the remote client? Is this right?

    Any need to implement a codec code to play RTP Packets coming from remote client?

    - While trying to play RTP Payload, it throws an exception.

    ByteArrayInputStream in = new ByteArrayInputStream(RTPSourceStream.getInstance().getRTPPayload());

    this.rtp_play = Manager.createPlayer(in, "audio/x-wav");
    this.rtp_play.realize(); // Failing at this point

    The exception is:

    javax.microedition.media.MediaException: Failed to realize Player: Malformed wave media: expected 'RIFF'
    at com.sun.mmedia.WavPlayer.doRealize(+341)
    at com.sun.mmedia.BasicPlayer.realize(+84)
    at RTPConnection.run(+130)

    As I understood, we cannot play the raw RTP Payload directly. We need to convert it to something to WAV format. Is this right?

    Any comments would be appreciated.


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    Re: Unable to play RTP Payload(Actual Voice Data coming from remote client) in WAV fo

    im wrkin on a project similar to ur last part.....how did u use rtp in j2me...are thr ne api's supported for this....
    im actually using udp packets onle for this....later this'll need refinement....
    neways the time i hav is very less....so cant look for nethin else....
    have u developed the voice recorder n player???
    if ure willing to tell me how uve implemented rtp i.e sending n receivig rtp packets...creatin rtp sessions and headers...checking the time and sliding window protocol.....etc..maybe we can wrk on it together.....
    as of now im using the udp packets onle.

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