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Thread: User Parasite

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    User Parasite

    Hi Guys,
    I am able to run my application properly without errors but when i am exiting from my application i am gettin alloc error and i have my application through Hook Logger but it is giving me that it is User Parasite , so how do we remove this and what is the effect of this User Parasite in the application ...........i.e regarding the performance and the memory side...

    thanks for the help,

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    Re: User Parasite

    Where do you see the "parasite", I can not remember seeing one ever.

    anyway, I assume that this happens in the emulator, and then it actually means that you have a memory leak.

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    Re: User Parasite

    well in Hook Logger, first thing is to check mem leak on the exe of your app, hope u have done this selection well.
    then you have to mark the heap before starting the app.
    then start the app and perform the sequences you want, and finally close the app to get Alloc again
    Now click on 'check' button to see all the memory leaks...

    if you have followed the above, then probably you could tell in more detail what the problem you are facing...
    Amit Kankani
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