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    Input fields not cleared

    I have a problem whereby the user can enter text into an input field, and then hit ok to navigate somewhere else. However, when the user navigates to this particular deck with a pre-chosen input via a different route, I cannot put this new value into the input box. The old value that the user entered is still there. How do I "clear" a page? If I have to use wmls, how do I call these functions "WMLBrowser.refresh()" without having to navigate to a .wmls page??

    Thanks in advance


    Posted by Schalk de Jager, Schalkd@Logical.co.za
    on June 21, 2000 at 13:53

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    RE: Input fields not cleared

    Posted by Jaime Teng, jsteng@qinet.net
    on June 22, 2000 at 06:38

    <input name="PID" value="default">

    This will ask for an input with a variable name PID.
    When the phone loads this page for the very 1st time, (assuming that the variable PID is not defined yet), the phone will create a variable with name PID and value "default".

    Of course, the user will edit and change the value as desired; lets say the user changed it to "something". The user then proceeeded to load other pages and comes back to this again.

    The phone will not display PID having the value "something" instead of "default".

    The input tag will assign a value ONLY if the variable does not exists. If the variable already exists, then it will not assign value to it.


    1. use newcontext="true" to clear the variable list.
    2. use SETVAR; SETVAR does not work 100% of the time. and using setvar will lead you to another problem... stick to solution #1.

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