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    MMS for 7210, COmpatible with MMS for 7650??

    Hello Fellow MMS Developers. I have a question, we already have created a service that sends MMS to T68i's and 7650's using MMS API jar files. Though we process MMS content differently for t68i and 7650 before passing them through to MMS API.
    My question is, are all the MMS COntents we produce for 7650 capable of being downloaded and displayed properly for 7210? Or is there another process for MMS Contents for 7210 that must be followed differently from 7650? Is there a way for creating MMS Contents compatible for all Nokia Models and not just 7650?

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    RE: MMS for 7210, COmpatible with MMS for 7650??


    There shouldn't be any interoperability problems with 7210 and 7650. Only thing is that 7650 can handle 100 kB MMS messages, but 7210 only 30 kB MMS messages and with sw. 4.xx 45 kB.

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