Our goal is to be able to send (and receive) custom video on the "video call" upstream.

The videocall it's a circuit switched channel on which H324M/H245 protocol it's used.

We would like to be able to "manipulate" the content of such channel in order to send our data.

Someone was able to do that by using undocumented AT commands:

Still we need to do that on platform device and not on serial port by using an external PC.

If Symbian and/or Nokia partnering it's required, that's not a problem.

The relevant things is to have the knowledge to do that and "how" to do that.

Does it seems feasible or not?

We need to be able to play our custom audio and our custom video to a videocall and on the other party receive such stream of data (and decode it) using our custom software.

If it's feasible we are willing to invest on such technology, making the appropriate partnership with Nokia and/or Symbian.

But the real question remain, is that feasible?

From *ALL* the forum posts i found on the network there are no information.