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    [moved] Copyright on Songs for N73

    Hi Guys!

    Yesterday i bought my new mobile phone. I finally chose the " N73 Music Edition". But today i have a big problem:
    My music mobile phone doesn´t play songs.
    I installed the software, started the music manager and copied all songs on my mobile phone. But the media player of my mobile phone doesn´t show some songs.
    I called the Nokia service and they said that I can´t hear songs cause of their copyright. They addviced me to look for help in this forum and probably find a programm or something which helps me to turn the copyright-barrage of.

    I hope that you can help me =)

    Yours faithful

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    Re: Copyright on Songs for N73


    this is a discussion board for developers here.
    I think you have more chances to get help on the end users' discussion board:

    Good luck!

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