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Thread: 7110 buggy ??

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    7110 buggy ??

    We created a shop for use with wap capable phones. we tested it with all emulators we found:

    - Ericsson wapIDE SDK
    - Ericsson R380s Emulator
    - YourWAP.Wireless Companion
    - UP.SDK
    - Nokia Toolkit 6110, 6150

    We can't use the Nokia Toolkit 7110 because of that 127 character limitation on links. We use larger ones for our searches. Ericsson and Nokia use the same software in their phones.

    Our site works on ALL Emulators. Now we tested it using a real 7110 and it didn't work...
    After submitting the order the phone showed the error messages "Page can not be displayed"... We checked the page and found out that the content-length of the post command was larger than 255 characters. We then changed it to be only 150 characters long.
    Now the phone shows "connecting to service" all the time... There is no timeout and the animation doesn't stop.

    Now here's the question
    What type of error is the reason for this behavior ???
    Has anyone had this problem, too? What was your solution??

    thanks in advance

    Posted by Stefan Schaffner, schaffner@ass-software.de
    on June 21, 2000 at 19:43

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    RE: 7110 buggy ??

    Posted by Jaime Teng, jsteng@qinet.net
    on June 22, 2000 at 06:54

    It took you only now to know 7110 are buggy?
    (Dont worry, one way or another, we all experienced the same way you do)

    "Page could not be displayed" and "Connecting to Service" indefinitely are signs of incompatibility of your application with the ACTUAL 7110 phone.

    You may want to post your URL of the "actual" application for us to scrutinize or visit our site for info on the mysteries at:

    This is a classic case of developing applications according to actual phone specs vs developing applications according to generic WAP Specs. What you are doing is the latter and you are having problems.

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