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    Creating / Updating contactpicture

    Hello folks,

    Is it still not possible to access the contact picture through the Python API?

    The docs i have read say that it is not possible. Or is there any other way to change the contact picture?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Creating / Updating contactpicture

    Hi and welcome to the Python discussion board.

    From the documentation:
    If 3rd edition of Series 60 is used the following field types can be added:
    So if that "picture" refers to the thumbnail picture that is displayed in the contact, it should work. But I've tried to set a picture to a contact and it didn't work. Perhaps you'll have better luck than I did. See this article, if you haven't already, about adding info to contacts.

    Good luck

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    Re: Creating / Updating contactpicture


    Actually I have read this article. I am currently getting no error
    with this code:

    import contacts
    if __name__ == '__main__':
        db = contacts.open()
        newc = db.add_contact()
        newc.add_field('first_name', 'fobbar')
        newc.add_field('mobile_number', '555545444')
        newc.add_field(u'picture', open(u'E:\\python\\foo.jpg'))
    But this code does not add a picture.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Creating / Updating contactpicture

    Suggestion needed? ok see it might be stupid one, but still can you verify your image location as you are getting no error.
    And can this contact picture be of "JPG" format?

    PS-> I dont have a 3rd Edition phone so i might be sounding very foolish.
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    Re: Creating / Updating contactpicture


    I tried too to get picture DB contacts by using contact.find('picture') but it did'nt work.

    It is better with contact.find('thumbnail_image') because it returns a field but when i try to get the image, the value of the field returns a unicode string of the image which is stored in binary.

    Is there any champion who knows how to get back the contact picture in image type using PYS60 ? (is there a solution with 2.0 or extension module ?)

    Thanks a lot

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