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    Where can i obtain wholesale nokia phones?

    Hi i am looking to purchase wholesale nokia mobiles.i have searched many places on the internet and have found some legit services and many scam companies.but the legit suppliers charge higher prices than others seeling at retail prices.so im looking to find where the middlemen are getting these nokia products for so cheap?Can anybody help ?i dont want to become another victim of a scam company.

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    Re: Where can i obtain wholesale nokia phones?

    Wrong place to ask such question. I would suggest that you are more careful with your selection of information sources if you want to stay away from scams. Why would you believe me if I would recommend you to do business with company X?

    Please contact the Nokia office in your country and ask them about the official sales channels available and how you can become part of them. Have also a look at the "In business together" web pages.

    Of course for all this consultancy work you owe me 10% of your business.
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