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    How to disable screen saver using J2ME

    How to disable screen saver, which starts automatically.

    I am writing program to J2ME, I need to turn off screensavers. For my programme of work he does not need to run (energy saving, I will monitor itself).

    Options for solutions:
    1) Use a method DeviceControl.setLights () from com.nokia.mid.ui - is not suitable, because he supported only the newest phones "S60 3rd Edition, FP1":

    I'm looking for a solution for S60 3rd Edition.

    For example, the program ideawidgets (Russian) - J2ME http://friends.ideawidgets.ru/ able to do so.

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    Re: How to disable screen saver using J2ME

    in some cases, it seems regularly calling display.flashBacklight(100);
    would do it
    maybe using value 0 would avoid the actual flash
    not sure though ... left for you to try
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    Re: How to disable screen saver using J2ME

    I tirw it on E72i. It works!!!!!!!

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    Re: How to disable screen saver using J2ME

    Try this solution.

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