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    Nokia Series 60 games UI style gide


    At the moment I'm finishing my first Java2 ME game for Nokia Series 60
    platform. I like to made it compliant to Nokia standarts (specialy for
    "Nokia Series 60 games UI style gide&quot. But I have some questions:

    1. (Chapter 2.1): Were I can found Nokia Games Logo? I havn't found it
    anywhere on forum.nokia.com site. I've asked for it "Nokia OK", but no

    2. (Chapter 2.3.1, Figure 3) How to make Highscores screen looks like
    this figure? I mean numbered list wit rows with different font style/size
    for each list item? I read "Guidelines for game developers using Nokia Java
    MIDP devices" but no answer here.

    3. (Chapter 3.2, Figure 7) How to make popup window with "Enter your
    name" dialog? I have no idea at all.

    Best regards,
    Vadim Adamluk

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    RE: Nokia Series 60 games UI style gide

    Hello Vadim,

    The document you refer to is for Series 60 Symbian OS applications, not Java. This means that many guidelines don't apply to Java games for Series 60 phones.

    1. The Nokia logo is used with games that are Nokia approved.

    2. The highscore screen you refer to uses Symbian Form elements which are not available in Java. You can easily create similar highscore screen with either a Form and StringItems or Canvas.

    3. You can't create popup dialogs in MIDP 1.0. You can simulate a popup screen with a Form, TextField and Command buttons.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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