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Thread: Login Screen

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    Login Screen

    I like to design login screen as shown in below screenshot


    I tried using Forms but could not get the desired effect. Any sample code will be highly appreciated.

    Please help

    Screenshot is also mirrored at below locations if you have trouble viewing above


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    Re: Login Screen

    A Symbian/S60 form can not look like that.
    You should use 2 text editors (CEikEdwin and CEikSecretEditor for example), and create two checkboxes (I am not sure if any "stock-control" is available for that, but drawing a rectangle with/without a cross should do the job - the labels can be either CEikLabels or you can just DrawText them directly).
    Then in your OfferKeyEventL you should SetFocus on up/down arrows, and any other keypress can be forwarded to the contained controls (or consumed handled in place if you do not plan to create contained controls for the checkboxes).

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    Re: Login Screen

    Thanks Wiz

    is it possible to use CAknMultiLineDataQueryDialog inside a view so that it is shown inside a view and not as a separate pop-up dialog. I only need two fields (username & password).

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