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    6680 Jpeg Image problem


    ok i have the same problem on 6680 when trying to decode a jpeg image (some images work and some dont even thought they are all created in the same way).

    i want a clear answer (FROM NOKIA PPL!!) about this issue and how to solve it
    wrong answer would be to upg the firmware which is somthing i cant tell the user to do!!!!!

    dont bother with code snippets and stuff its the most simplest way in the world
    yes length is good yes the data in buffer is jpeg image

    ANSWER ME nokia!

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    Re: 6680 Jpeg Image problem

    Hello shaii,

    please be more specific on these:

    1) How this is similar to the issues on the other thread? Are you downloading using HTTP, etc.? Please provide more details what you're doing here.

    2) Is there some difference with the JPEG images, or is there some random behaviour with same JPEG images instead?

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