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    verisign does not work

    I got one .pfx from verisign. (trusted)
    Use "vs_pkcs.exe -p12 mycredentials.pfx -passwd xxxxxx -key aaaaa.key -cer aaaaa.cer" generated cer and key file success.

    I got certification like
    VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary CA
    |_ VeriSign Class 3 code Signing 2004 CA
    |_ xxx my company

    Then I use Carbide.C++ and set SIS properties of my project.
    Use "Sign sis file with certification/key pair"
    And inputed correct path of "Certificate" and "Key".

    After all these, I build project and got .sisx.

    But, when I install it on my mobile, it show me "Certification error. Contact .......".
    I found Verisign is in "Setting/Security/Certif.management"

    My mobild is N82.

    Any one can tell me why?
    What should I do when I want to sign my project?


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    Re: verisign does not work

    Are you sure about that you are following the right process? Note that it has never been possible to generate your own DevCert, what is possible is to request a DevCert. What you have is a proof of that you are you, but it is not a certificate for signing applications.
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    Re: verisign does not work

    When was your Verisign certificate issued? Symbian Signed uses TC TrustCenter certificates these days and while you should still be able to use an existing Verisign certificate if still valid you cannot use a newly issued one.

    Anyhow, you should not be expecting that a sis file signed only with the PublisherID can be installed on the phone. That certificate should be used only for signing Symbian Signed submissions.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: verisign does not work

    You need to follow the instructions in the Symbian signed documention.

    You need to generate a devcert which includes the list of IMEI's and your publisher id and submit this via Symbian Signed to generate a devcert. This is done using the DevCertRequest tool

    The devcert can be used to sign files and deploy them to the devices whose IMEI's were nominated when you created the devcert.

    Only when submitting the application to Symbian Signed for signing are you required to sign the sis file with your publisher id and then it will not install on the device as this is to prove to the test house the file came from you. The test house will return a sis file with the correct certificate attached when it passes the testing requirements and cna be installed on any device
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