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    EIKCOCTL 8 when autofocus

    I'm working on a midified version of the cameraapp exemple.

    I'm using a option/exit menu bar in my application, and I have some problems.

    In this application I use the autofocus each 10 sec, but when the autofocus is searching the best focus, if I push the option menu, the application panic (EIKCOCTL 8). So the menu item is not found.

    So I think that the event goes to the bad event handler or something like this. I don't know where exactly are used the menu events for that.

    In debug when I push the option key, I can see the event passing in the HandleKeyEventL function, but it always pass through and exit with "EKeyWasNotConsumed".

    So I don't realy know where I must investigate to find why the autofocus make my application panic with menu. I don't know enought about how the UI api manage the ressources for menu.

    Can someone enlighting me about this ?


    PS :
    - the exit key don't raise a panic event.
    - when my menu has poped up, all functions in this menu works fine while the autofocus is working.

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    Re: EIKCOCTL 8 when autofocus

    As you have already found out this panic is about menus. Can it happen that you have a DynInitMenuPaneL somewhere, invoking SetItemDimmed without checking "aResourceId"?

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    Re: EIKCOCTL 8 when autofocus

    hoo thank you :D

    It was not exactly that, but while checking this I saw some use of SetItemDimmed that was refering to old deleted commandID, and they was used only if the autofocus was in a specific state.

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