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    Why does RGA need so many capabilities?

    Most of the RGA examples have capability statement as follows:
    CAPABILITY All -Tcb -Drm -AllFiles -CommDD -DiskAdmin

    which is same as asking for the all the "Signed Only" capabilities and some restricted capabilities as well.

    Why does it need so many capabilities, if it's only writing to the screen?

    ...or maybe it's that the demos are just badly written and they really don't need them?

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    Re: Why does RGA need so many capabilities?

    They don't need all those capabilities but that does not really make them "badly written"? Everyone is allowed to make a mistake, or two.

    All the examples require SWEvent capability due to a design flaw in the RGA framework. Some example may require some other capabilities such as *DeviceData, *UserData but these requirements are pretty much depending on application's features.

    My advice is that you run the analysis on your own by removing the capabilities from the project and then checking the capability needs on your own. The exact capability needs are listed in epocwind.out after running the application in the emulator. Carbide.c++'s epocwind.out viewer plug-in can also be used.
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    Re: Why does RGA need so many capabilities?

    You are right the backbuffer example only needs SwEvent capability. Thanks for the answer.

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