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    Unrecognised event -5120 (was Re: Simple http request)

    i was using UIQ 3.x SDK and trying a simple HTTP client. Now i was facing the error Unrecognised event -5120, which refers to DNS server timed out error. how to resolve this error

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    Re: Unrecognised event -5120 (was Re: Simple http request)

    Is your emulator properly configured for networking? Can you use for example its browser to navigate e.g. to the Forum Nokia web site?

    I hope you have run a search in the old posts, in case you haven't please try this, it looks really promissing.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Unrecognised event -5120 (was Re: Simple http request)

    As its UIQ this is the wrong forum to post it in.

    However my little book of tricks says look at this url:

    Note I had to uninstall and delete my installation and folder from my machine, then reinstall and run uiqenv to configure the stack before I could run and connect to the internet.
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