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    Phone not Connected.... how to solve?

    first, I have to admit that I'm really new to mobile applications. Anyway, I'd like to build an Application to send an SMS via the connected Nokia Phone. In my case, it is the Nokia 6131 NFC. The Connection to the PC Suite works fine.
    The Application will be written in C#.NET, so I imported the references to SMS3ASuiteLib (Nokia SMS Adapter). But when I try to do anything, I always get the Error: no phone connected. How do I establish the connection? I know, there are already several threads arround about sending an SMS, but my problem is not the SMS this time. I do not even get the Connection.... can anyone help? I'm using the following Components:
    PC Connectivity

    Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver

    PC Suite

    The connection to the phone is made by bluetooth.



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    Re: Phone not Connected.... how to solve?


    I was struggling with this error for quite some time before being able to solve it.

    I am using the 3.0 SDK and a 6610 Nokia phone connected via USB.

    It worked fine in the PCSuite but I could never get it working with the API. Steps to solve:

    1. Uninstall all Nokia applications from the computer and clean up the Nokia keys in the registry (HKCU\Software\Nokia and HKLM\Software\Nokia). Making sure you uninstall all and remove all folders is important, if you leave any trace of the PCSuite for example it won't work.

    2. Install the 3.0 SDK

    3. Restart

    4. Install the cable driver, make sure you have the correct cable and driver. Only install the cable driver, if you install anything else it will not work.

    5. Connect the telephone

    6. In the connection manager, choose serial port and go to advanced to choose which usb port you want to use, you can restart the manager between changing port until you find the right one, it might not refresh.

    7. Use the API, it works now

    Kind regards,
    Michael Lundström

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