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    CAknSettingItemList items placing problem


    In my application I have a control which derives from CAknSettingItemList. Also, in my application I use the R_AVKON_STATUS_PANE_LAYOUT_USUAL_FLAT status pane layout, which is smaller than the usual one. This gives my app a little more space, but unfortunately the setting list doesn't seem to take benefit from that. It shows the same number of items as with a normal layout and leaves some blank space at the bottom, above the CBA. I understand that the next item doesn't fit in, so it's not rendered. It looks odd, however. What is more, the scrollbar is drawn the whole way to the bottom of the client rect...

    So, is there a way to force the listbox to show partially visible items?

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    Re: CAknSettingItemList items placing problem

    Anybody? Sorry for bumping the thread, but it seems it has gone unnoticed...

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