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    newbie question --- pc connectivity solutions

    I want to develop an application where I can send sms (composed on my laptop) via a nokia 6310 (connected with DLR-3P). I found the Nokia PC Connectivity SDK --- are there also other possibilities to realise such a project (e.g. Java API's ...)? How can I realise to send AT commands directly to the device or is this just possible with the help of a terminal emulation??

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    RE: newbie question --- pc connectivity solutions


    We don't have Java API's to offer, only way available is PC Connectivity SDK.

    You need to create serial communication routines or use some existing one when creating your application. AT-Commands can be sent with any terminal software.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    Re: pc connectivity solutions

    Will this serial communication with the serial port be supported by all models of Nokia that have data cable connection capacity?

    I wish to be able to communicate with the cellphone to send and receive SMS from PC application. I plan to use AT commands. Are there resources on the INTERNET that I could read up to start with?


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