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Thread: N30 User Mode

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    N30 User Mode

    1. Is it possible to configure a "command alias", so that for example, instead of having to type "Nokia30 Output_Set 1 On" you could type "Light 1", to turn on a light. This would make it very easy for users.

    2. Is the response to a "Set Z On" an SMS sent back to the user? If so, is it possible to disable responses, so that the N30 doesn't use credit on its SIM? What happens if you don't enter the message centre number? Does this prevent the command sent to the N30 from being executed?

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    RE: N30 User Mode


    The Nokia 30 terminal with the sw version 7.41 does not support "command alias" or possibility to disable responses
    for SMS commands in user control mode.

    However the new sw version will support both of these features.
    The new sw version is not available yet, but it will be in the near future.


    M2M developer support team

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