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    SVG-T Text alignment problem

    I created a svg-t 1.1 image which includes a font converted from a TTF with the apache batik tools.
    Now, i want to align the the text with this font. When i set the text-anchor="end" it should be layouted to the right (right-alignment).
    In the WTK Emulator, all works fine.
    But when i test it on my Nokia 6110 Navigator and on a N95, it is not exactly layouted. The text is a little bit shifted to the right, maybe 10 or 15 pixels.
    Does anyone know a solution?
    btw: When i use no font - so the standard svg system font is used - is is layoutes correctly.


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    Re: SVG-T Text alignment problem

    Hello Stefan,

    which WTK emulator are you using?

    (My guess is that based on your info, it appears that Nokia devices support only the standard SVG font in order to layout it correctly.)

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