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    Proplem with RHttpDownloadMgr

    I'm using RHttpDownloadMgr to download RSS file.
    The proplem is, I get an error message "Not supported".
    I don't lnpw actually if the file is beeing downloaded or not.

    Any body know how to fix this issue


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    Re: Proplem with RHttpDownloadMgr

    You sound like you've bought a lottery ticket but the result was merely "Play again". What can you do, you've been unlucky.

    In programming the situation is not as bad, the error messages and codes are returned by API calls (methods, functions) and they usually have a meaning in the context of those API calls too.

    If you expect an answer on this topic please explain which API call returns/leaves with -5 (KErrNotSupported) and in which context were you executing that API call.
    -- Lucian

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    Smile Re: Proplem with RHttpDownloadMgr

    Hi ltomuta,

    Calling this function
    RHttpDownload& download = iHttpDownloadMgr.CreateDownloadL(*url8,retVal);

    Trying to download RSS feed link

    I'm getting those events in the HandleDMgrEventL
    - EHttpDlInprogress
    - EHttpDlCreated
    - EHttpDlPaused
    - EHttpDlDeleting - ?????? why I'm getting this one????

    Then the phone displays the Not Supported error message.
    This is happening on N95, S60 FP1
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