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    what TDMA phones can connect to the internet with a lap top?

    Can I use 5160,5165,6161,6360,7160. These are the phones my SP has to offer. Will any of these phones work or should I try to find another SP? They say that they use TDMA and are not sure if any of these phones will do what I want and they don't know what I might need to get to try to see if they will. I need some help!! Thanks.

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    RE: what TDMA phones can connect to the internet with a lap top?


    This forum is for application developer support, not end-user questions but I understand your frustration, so here are some tips.

    What you want is "wireless modem" functionality. Some phones will require a program to be installed on your PC to connect to assist with data connections. Some phones only need "Nokia modem drivers" to be installed on your PC for connectivity to your phone. You can get them at the Nokia website . For example:

    You might want to look for the phone models at
    to see how to use the functionalities of each phone.

    If you look at the accessories like "data cable" it will give you information like:
    "Nokia Data Suite 3.0 software required for synchronization and wireless modem functions with a Nokia 6190 or 5190 phone."

    Good Luck!

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