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Thread: GUI Calculator

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    GUI Calculator

    As a beginner a have started with a simple calculator using numeric editors.
    Now I would like to design a calculator with the given components:-
    1.One editor box - which will displays the operator ,operands and the result.

    2.Images - Need to place images like +,-,*,/,= etc in the MainPane with shadow for highlighting the selected one.

    When i select a particular image ,corresponding operation should perform.
    My question is ,how to place images in the mainpane?
    Is it possible ?.


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    Re: GUI Calculator

    You have to Write all custom controls . YOu can get more info about custom controls in Wiki

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    Re: GUI Calculator

    I don't knw you u want to display operator also on the editor window.
    But neways for working on single editor u have to use the buffer for handling the data in the sequence they are entered.

    Secondly, There is no touch screen support in Series 60. So you draw thw buttons on the screen by using below written code:
    iButton12 = new(ELeave) CEikCommandButton();
    and try to navigate on the button by using left, right key and as you press key ENTER on the current focusing button it should be displayed on Editor

    Hope this will help you.


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    Re: GUI Calculator


    I have some problems with drawing CEikCommandButton.

    I am alredy created Custom control derived from CCoeControl,
    which have CAknsFrameBackgroundControlContext, for drawing background,
    and RPointerArray<CEikCommandButton> iKeys - array of keys.

    In my programm background Is shown propertly, but keys - are not.
    I am followed all steps, described by amrish20...

    Did somebody know - what is the problem?

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