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    Web site development help

    I would like to develop a website that will offer mms content for sale. I have web development knowledge but lack the needed MMS insight. I assume I have a lot to learn but where would you suggest I begin... thx

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    RE: Web site development help

    Forum.Nokia.com is a great resource for learning and obtaining tools for help.

    Go to the section "Messaging" --> "Multimedia Messaging" --> "Development and Tools"
    You will find a document "How to Create MMS Services Version 3.2"
    and many other useful documents

    If you are writing in Java, there are lots of helpful libraries.
    The "MMS Java library version 1.1" download contains Java Libraries and example source code. Even if you are not programing in Java, looking at the source code might give an idea of what you need in your application.

    When you are ready to test, using the "MMSC EAIF Emulator" will help to similate sending messages to the MMSC.

    If you are creating a website, you could consider using XHTML (many of the new phones have XHTML web browsers). This way, both PC web browsers and mobile phone browsers will be able to view your website. More information on this can be found at in NKN in the "Browsing/WAP" >> "XHTML" section. And also in the "Browsing on mobile devices": "XHTML_White_Paper.pdf " document at

    Good Luck and have fun!

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