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    HandlePointerEventL doesnt work in Series60 , works in Emulator: HELP

    I created a simple helloworld type application using VC Wizard for Series 60 application. Then later added a HandlePointerEventL function to the Container Class. The HandlePointerEventL function got all my 7650 Arrow Up, down, left, right in The EMULATOR. The same application dint work when i uploaded the application to my 7650 Nokia device. Can anyone help me here. I dont understand why my code works well in the emulator and not in the target device.

    Nokia Please HELP me..

    I used VC6 and generated a simple EIKON application. Then added HandlePointerEventL function as shown below. I dint add anything else to keep it simple. I would appreciate any help to solve this simpple problem!. Should I do more to capture the pointer events!

    void CPointerTestContainer::HandlePointerEventL(const TPointerEvent& aPointerEvent)

    // iEikonEnv->InfoMsg(_L("PointerEvent&quot);
    // iEikonEnv->AlertWin(kpointer);
    iLabel->SetTextL(_L(" Pointer &quot);


    Thanks in advance

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    RE: HandlePointerEventL doesnt work in Series60 , works in Emulator: HELP

    Thats because HandlePointerEventL has been left over from Symbian OS when you have a device with a touch screen!!
    This is simulated by a mouse click in an emulator environment, which will call HandlePointerEventL.
    As Series 60 is one handed/keyboard only, HandlePointerEventL will never be called on a real device!!
    Use OfferKeyEventL instead to read keypresses.
    When developing for other Symbian OS devices with a touch screen you can use HandlePointerEventL!!

    Hope this helps

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    HandlePointerEventL does work, just not fully...

    Actually HandlePointerEventL IS called on a Nokia7650 if you use a call to SimulatePointerEvent.

    Sadly the people at nokia appear to have done something rather odd; they cause any points sent with this method to become 0,0.

    Has anyone managed to find a way round this to get HandlePointerEventL to give correct position data?


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