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    5120 error on N96

    We have a client that makes HTTP requests to a server. These requests always fail on an N96. They work ok on other handsets, including N95 8GB, 6210 Navigator and many other earlier Symbian 3rd edition handsets.

    The error being returned is 5120 (No response from DNS server).

    We can make HTTP requests from the web browser on the handset to the same URLs ok.

    Any useful suggestion appreciated, thanks.

    The settings for this access point are:

    Connection name: ODP-test
    Data bearer: Packet data
    Access point name: internet.telenor.se
    username: none
    Prompt passwork: No
    Password: ****
    Authentication Normal
    Homepage: none
    Use access point: Automatically

    Advanced settings:
    Network Type IPv4
    Phone IP address: Automatic
    DNS address: Automatic
    Proxy None
    Proxy Port 0

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    Re: 5120 error on N96

    Also worth noting that the error happens within 1 second. Seems a very short time to have established a connection to a DNS server.

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    Question Re: 5120 error on N96


    I was just wondering if you solved your problem.

    I am having the same problem right now.


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    Re: 5120 error on N96

    Yes, this seems to be ok for us now. My understanding of the problem is as follows.

    We were using RConnection::Attach(). See http://www.symbian.com/developer/tec...3aAttach%28%29.

    If RConnection::Attach() succeeded we did not call RConnection::Start(). This led to being attached to a potentially unstarted connection and subsequently failing on using it. For some reason this did not seem to cause a problem on other handsets, but did on N96, and therefore was not seen until testing on N96.

    We changed the code to always attempt to "Start" the connection, which appeared to resolve the problem.

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