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    Advice For J2ME Application and Question

    hi all,

    I have learn java language before, but nothing in J2ME. I want to create a mobile application that can be run in Symbian S60 second edition or 3rd like 7610 and 6600.

    that application actually for my study project, but i wanna seek some info here how to build just a very simple application. The application can connect to the internet and download some data from a web maybe a database web or just a txt file. then view it in the mobile phone.

    web that the application connect/update data maybe just a simple site.

    I've search for a month how to create application like that but i got no info. I also download netbeans 6.1, JDK 6.0 and nokia SDK 2nd e FP3. And try make a simple application but the emulator closed after 1 or 2 second appear.

    i have no idea how to deal with J2ME.. someone please give me an advice or maybe the fastest way how to create that application and the hardware and software requirement like netbeans or a mobile web server.
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    Re: Advice For J2ME Application and Question

    Hi localarea! Welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion Boards!!

    If you are planning to develop a Java ME app, you can read more about application development here.
    FAQ (General issues) for Java discussion boards
    Java ME section at Forum Nokia WiKi
    Java ME for Nokia Platforms eLearning
    MIDP Network Programming using HTTP and the Connection Framework


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    Re: Advice For J2ME Application and Question

    thanks gopal for replying my message.. i will study that first and if i face problem i'll ask again here. Thank you very much.

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