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    Can someone clarify this turmoil?

    I have tinkered around with the Nokia Toolkit today. I read an article on the devx website about creating dynamic wml via an asp, and it gives a brief (too brief) example.


    But it didn't tell me whether I can still use the tollkit emulator, if the page is running under IIS.

    It also didn't tell me whether the asp content should be in an ASP file or a WML file.

    It also doesn't tell me whether you have to run Nokia Server as well as IIS - Do the 2 run side-by-side? If so why?

    I'm getting bits and bobs of usefull info, but can anyone help with the above, or does anyone know some good links/resources for ASP/WML?

    Ta very much,
    Colin Hale

    Link: http://inquiry.com/techtips/wireless_pro/10min/10min0500/10min0500.asp

    Posted by Colin Hale, hale@radiusplc.co.uk
    on June 22, 2000 at 18:13

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    RE: Can someone clarify this turmoil?

    Posted by Marc Holmes, march@magicaldesk.com
    on June 26, 2000 at 15:50

    It's a bit of a puzzle initially, but...

    Basically, an ASP produced WML page should have an ASP extension (or the ASP.dll will not call it....
    But for a WML browser to recognise the content type, the following line should be added:

    (Bear in mind that owing to caching, you should do an expire=0 also if content is always changing)

    You can run WML pages (or ASP/WML) from IIS no probs, but add the MIME types to the server (see Nokia Docs).
    The Nokia Server is for direct gateway access and is not obligatory.
    However, you must assume that the users gateway will allow access to the public internet, and not the little data-empires the network providers seem intent on building...

    I've had a lot of success with DB and ASP in this way, and no layout to worry about!!

    It seems to me that a lot of straight forward HTML scripters (no disrespect by the way) have moved into WML and there is a vacuum of ASP or general database etc skills.
    Leaves the market open for me and you.

    Drop me an email, may be able to exchange some ideas!!


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