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    7650 and wav. says "General: System Error, Try again" ??

    Hi there,

    I transfered some wav files to my nokia 7650 as it is supposed to support these for ring tones. If I goto the recorder .. I can see the file and it even reports the right lenght etc .. it says Length: 0013 but when I try to play it ... it says "General: System Error, Try Again"

    I have also tried attaching it to my current ringtone in my current profile but when somebody rings.. it gives the default ringtone.

    It is a standard wav file and I have made it quite small... am I missing something that is important??

    Any help would be really appreciated.


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    RE: 7650 and wav. says "General: System Error, Try again" ??


    It is pretty hard say what could be wrong. It might be corrupted somehow.

    Best regards,
    V / Forum Nokia

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