Symbian9.x Bug Report:when add one item into ListBox,and this item has hide content,then the content's length MUST exceed 10,otherwise after about 20second,panic "ViewSrv 11" will displayed on your phone.

1。ListBox is a DoubleTimeSytle type。

2。add one item,this item has 5 content,4 is displayed,1 is hide.

3. run ok in Simulator,run error on Nokia 5700;use carbide c++ 1.2


1。iListBox = new ( ELeave ) CAknDoubleTimeStyleListBox;

2。void AddListBoxResourceArrayItemL()
_LIT ( KStringHeader, "%S\t%S\t%S\t%S\t%S");
TBuf<100> listString;

//TBuf<16> String5 =_L("1234567890"); will occur "ViewSrv 11" error
TBuf<16> String5 =_L("12345678901"); //this is ok

listString.Format ( KStringHeader (),&String1, &String2, &String3,&String4,&String5);
AddListBoxItemL ( iListBox, listString);
i want add some content to ListBox such as"2110315",Can anyone resolve this bug?