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    Re: About "Unable to Install"!

    I do understand what is there in the SDK help but when you see difference in the .pkg file with pUid and private path for backup-registration, then first question would come up in your mind is why it differs. Now it's responsibility of poster to describe it in detail. Has he used unique pUid or the same as secure id? People generally do not use unique pUID, rather they use SID.(I do not have statistical data though) And my answer was in the consequence of this.

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    Re: About "Unable to Install"!

    And the answer was exactly what this developer needed

    I just wanted to make it more generic, in case somebody else reads this and try to understand it.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: About "Unable to Install"!


    I just read the thread again, What you two post make me get further understanding. Iwill reserch some more documents to make it clear. Thanks again.

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