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    Question Drawing rectangle on Camera

    Hi All,
    I am still rookie in Symbian devlopment. I need your help in follwing.

    I am using Symbain Series 60 3rd Edition api.

    My requirement is when I start my application I want to start camera(upto this part application is working fine) but when camera starts I want to draw recatngle in middle which signifies focusing point.And when user captures image, image in only rectangular part is captured. If any one has any idea please share with me.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Drawing rectangle on Camera

    If you use CCamera::StartViewFinderBitmapsL, you will be provided with the viewfinder frames in ViewFinderFrameReady, where you can make a copy of them and issue a DrawNow. Then in your Draw method BitBlt them and draw the rectangle.

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