Hi, i'm trying to share files with the Mobile Web Server between a Nokia e65 and a Laptop, without other devices, but 'till i can't. My problem is with the Mobile Web Server net configuration and with the options of this web, because you can use a gallery but is so tedious when you want to download more than one file and you haven't a way to upload files.

This is my idea:

I know this nice aplication "miniServer" http://www.atopo.net/tool_miniserver.php that let you share files between your PC and your Mobile.

Ok, so what I want to do is to use something like miniServer but inverse, opening a web (Mobile Web Server) from the mobile on the PC browser and using it to download/upload files.
Could be also a great thing to use the WLAN bandwith to make the Mobile a real WebCam or to let you call it (Now I only can make a photo :S). I've seen the "Contacts Browser Plugin" but with a Nokia e65 I can't install it, it said that the certificated expired and I don't know if this do what I said.

What I've get:

Create a WLAN ad hoc between a Nokia e65 and a Laptop.
Share files with miniServer.


- Start JoikuSpot software.
- Conect JoikuSpot service with own JoikuSpot WLAN.
- Now we have created a WLAN ad hoc, Nokia e65 on
- Change type of conection Mobile Web Server configuration, from Internet to Local.
- Start Mobile Web Server and conect it to JoikuSpot WLAN ad hoc.
- Start miniServer on Laptop.
- Open OperaMini on Nokia e65 and go to the

I am using ifinfo software on the e65 to know what adress configuration it have.

If I use a Wireless Linksys and conect e65 and the Laptop to this AP, with local Mobile Web Server mode, I can access from the browser on the Laptop to the e65.

ifinfo show this configuration:

Eth Wlan4

Eth Wlan4

But if I use the ad hoc configuration I can't access to the Mobile Web Server from the browser on the Laptop, when I type ip.
I only can access to the web server on from e65 and from OperaMini to the miniServer on Laptop ip

ifinfo show this configuration:

Eth Wlan4

Well, I wish you can help me.