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    How can i create my own library?

    please teach me how to create my own library that can be used in other applications and how can i import the library that i will be creating in a project.. It will be more helpful if you will provide a step by step procedures..


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    Re: How can i create my own library?

    There is a template for creating a new Symbian DLL. Then write your code into it and in parallel call that code from a test client application.

    To use the DLL in a project make sure you include the relevant header files and to link your project against the library (you need to add it to the MMP in order to do that).
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    Re: How can i create my own library?

    Would you please clarify the steps more precisely for me because i have never come across making my own library and i few knowledge on dll. If you give a link to some helpful instructions i would be easier for me to understand.

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    Re: How can i create my own library?

    You can find StaticDLL example in the SDK-s. Its location may vary, but generally it is Examples\Basics\StaticDLL. It is the simplest kind of .dll, practically it is about packing some of your code into a separate file.
    The other kind of of .dll-s is the polymorphic variant, related example is Examples\Base\DLLs in the SDK-s. It is about providing an abstract interface and one or more hidden implementation.
    The polymorphic kind of .dll-s bring the need for some categorization and 'browsing', since there are multiple implementations for an interface. Symbian brings the ECOM component model for this task, which also has an example, C:\Symbian\9.2\S60_3rd_FP1\Examples\SysLibs\ECom.
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